Teaching Excellence


The Teaching Excellence programme is a four-course knowledge track. It provides a practical teaching and learning toolkit for educators looking to enhance their students’ learning experiences.  

The Teaching Excellence programme includes the following online courses:

  1. Principles of Adult Learning
  2. Student-Centred Curriculum Design
  3. Measurements of Learning
  4. Online Teaching and Learning



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What You'll Learn

Principles of Adult Learning explores specific aspects of adult learning, including:

  • principles of Adult Learning Theory
  • three fundamental learning theories
  • practical recommendations to integrate active learning into educators’ teaching and instruction


Student-Centred Curriculum Design analyses the components of an aligned curriculum, including:

  • deconstruction of the outcome and objective writing process 
  • the benefits of Bloom’s Taxonomy
  • creation of active learning and assessment experiences that align with course outcomes and goals


Measurements of Learning examines the foundations of course assessment, including:

  • functions of course assessment
  • benefits of an aligned assessment
  • considerations for quality assessment development as it relates to an individual course, department, and larger institution


Online Teaching and Learning outlines the steps required to transform face-to-face training into a digital learning experience, including:

  • best practice strategies for content organisation
  • practical approaches to increase learner engagement and community connection
  • recommended online resources to refine an online course

Who It's For

The Teaching Excellence programme supports university professionals, including

faculty and staff with teaching responsibilities who are interested in improving the design and implementation of a student-centred curriculum.

Get Prepared

All courses are filled with compelling examples, interactive worksheets, and opportunities for reflection.

For this reason, we recommend you use a laptop or tablet if possible.


Course Expert(s)

Amber Schoer has over a decade of experience designing and delivering instruction in both corporate and academic settings. She brings a fresh and highly accessible approach to educational training.

Isaac Tabor leads the development of a digital learning platform and provides expertise on best practices in learning design and technology. With cross-sector experience, Isaac is committed to creating high-quality practical learning experiences.



10 Hours




Self-Paced - Online



Downloadable and shareable Certificate of Completion



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