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KnE Learn supports academics and researchers in their professional development throughout the various stages of their careers.

Our goal is to contribute to a more knowledgeable world by providing needs-driven learning experiences that elevate individual researchers and institutions to compete and collaborate globally.

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As a beginner, I thought these workshops were wonderful because they offered fundamental knowledge and useful examples. Based on these wonderful instructive classes, I`m eager to attend more advanced ones. I am quite appreciative of the chance to participate in such fantastic seminars and grateful for the superb planning and prompt delivery of the materials and certificates at the conclusion of each workshop. My sincere thanks and respect go to the knowledgeable speakers and amazing organisers.

Creating and Validating a Research-Based Business

The four workshops of this training programme, in my opinion, offer both theoretical and practical information on how to create preceptors who are highly qualified and how to enhance our training initiatives.

Stories from the Trenches: Preceptor Panel Discussion in Pharmacy Education

Fantastic workshop. It would be great to collaborate with the workshop course leaders on a significant project and then present it to the Ministry of Higher Education for implementation.

Quality Improvement Planning and Measurement in Nursing Education

I would like to thank the course expert for a well-researched, organised content and engaging workshop. The hosts have been great facilitators and very informative.

English Learning Editing

The course instructor is a very skilled presenter, and the workshop was really effective and satisfying. I’ll be looking for further meetings and workshops.

Learning, Curriculum, and Competency-based Medical Education

This workshop included long breakout rooms and space for effective attendee-course leader interaction. It worked effectively for us. Thanks.

Learning Outcomes and Content Mapping to Guide and Support Curriculum Evaluation in Pharmacy Education

98 %

Knowledge & Expertise

97 %

Communication Skills

stats based on programme evaluation survey results

International Expert Network

We work with leading international subject experts, highly specialised in their fields and recognised for their teaching skills to provide the highest standards of quality.

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