Key Intellectual Property Principles for Research Commercialisation


Do you have research findings but are unsure how to protect them? Wondering how to safeguard your research discoveries and turn them into valuable assets? Are you ready to learn the fundamental steps in protecting your work through intellectual property? This course focuses on equipping participants with essential skills to navigate the intricate realm of intellectual property (IP) in research commercialisation. By providing a comprehensive understanding of key IP principles, participants will learn how to effectively protect, manage, and leverage IP assets for the advancement of research commercialisation initiatives. Through a combination of theory, practical applications and case studies, participants will gain the knowledge and tools needed to strategically navigate the IP landscape, foster innovation, and maximise the value of research outputs.

What You'll Learn

1. Understanding the fundamentals of intellectual property and its role in research commercialisation.

2. Identifying and protecting intellectual property assets generated through research.

3. Managing intellectual property rights and agreements in the context of research commercialisation.

4. Leveraging intellectual property assets to create value and support innovation.

5. Strategies for effectively navigating the intellectual property landscape to drive successful research commercialisation initiatives.

Who It's For

This course is designed for researchers, innovators, entrepreneurs, and professionals involved in research commercialisation, and technology transfer at various career levels.

Get Prepared

There is no preparatory work necessary for this course.


3 hours




Expert-Led - Online



Downloadable and shareable Certificate of Completion



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