Communicating Research to Funders


Have you ever grappled with translating complex research ideas into a compelling proposal for funders? How can you ensure your work stands out to secure vital support? Communicating research to funders requires researchers to effectively articulate their projects' value, feasibility, and potential impact. Doing so can increase your chances of securing funding and contribute to scientific progress and societal development. The 'Communicating Research to Funders' training course focuses on guiding you in effectively communicating research and building relationships with funding bodies. You will learn best practices for writing proposals and submitting grant applications, as well as engaging with stakeholders to improve communication and outcomes.

What You'll Learn

1. Building relationships with funding bodies

2. Writing proposals

3. Submitting grant applications

4. Engaging with stakeholders

5. Improving communication and outcomes

Who It's For

This course is designed for academics and researchers across various career stages, from early-career professionals to seasoned experts. Whether you are in academia, a research institution, or the private sector, the skills gained in this course will empower you to effectively engage with potential funders and convey the value of your work with clarity and impact.

Get Prepared

No specific pre-course work is required to attend this course, but being actively engaged in research will enrich your learning experience.


3 hours




Expert-Led - Online



Downloadable and shareable Certificate of Completion



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