Knowledge E Launches KnE Learn, Offering Unique Professional Development Opportunities

Published on September 26, 2023

Knowledge E, a regional pioneer in the field of professional development, has
officially launched its digital learning platform, KnE Learn. The platform is
designed to cater to the needs of busy professionals everywhere with onsite and
on-the-go professional development courses and programmes.

The platform offers meticulously designed digital and on-site learning
programmes, each comprising several courses, depending on the complexity of
the content. Whether 100% online and self-paced, or in-person training during
scheduled sessions, KnE Learn programmes offer an unmatched level of
flexibility, aimed at empowering individuals to learn despite busy schedules and

Perhaps the greatest advantage that KnE Learn offers its users is the ability to be
in control of their learning pace, by affording them the option of pausing and
resuming digital courses at their leisure. With more knowledge tracks in the
making, KnE Learn hopes to offer countless unique, top-tier, career development
solutions to researchers, educators, higher education, and other professionals.

Certificates of Completion: Upon the completion of each course within a
programme, participants receive a shareable certificate, showcasing their
learning and dedication to advancing within their sectors and areas of expertise.

Various Content Types: KnE courses and programmes contain a multitude of
media and content types to keep learning interesting and engaging, from case
studies, expert-led videos, guided exercises, to other interactive material,
knowledge checks, and downloadable cheat sheets for future reference.

Learner-Centred Approach: Ensuring course participants play an active role in
learning instead of being mere recipients of knowledge.

Localised Content and Courses: KnE Learn’s team works tirelessly to bring
content closer to its learners by developing courses in Arabic and including
regional case studies wherever possible.

International Experts: Of the many pillars making KnE Learn an exceptional
professional development platform is its many experts from all around the world
who have accumulated a wealth or practical and theoretical knowledge.

Learning doesn’t stop when graduates enter the workforce. In fact, that’s when
the need for career development becomes more paramount than ever.
Knowledge E is acknowledged by the KHDA and accredited as a training provider
and aims to make a significant impact in the field of professional development
through its flexible approach and highly specialised courses.

Learn more about our available digital courses.