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Principles of Adult Learning is the first of four courses within KnE Learn’s Teaching Excellence Knowledge Track. The free course includes a detailed explanation of Knowles’ theory of the five principles of adult learning, a module expounding on the three fundamental theories of learning – Behaviorism, Cognitivism, and Constructivism, and a deep dive into active learning strategies to boost student engagement, including Resource- Based Learning (RBL), Inquiry-Based Learning (IBL), Problem/Project-Based Learning (PBL), active lectures, and flipped classrooms.

Take advantage of this complimentary course and discover the potential benefits of self-paced learning for yourself or your institution. Earn certificates for completing each course in this programme.

A Teaching Excellence Programme for University Faculty and Staff

This self-paced, four-course online programme is designed to help university faculty improve student engagement, enhance digital capability, align institutional learning outcomes, and empower researchers and staff with teaching responsibilities to elevate their teaching methods. Available in English and Arabic.

  • Principles of Adult Learning

    Knowles’ Five Principles of Adult Learning Theory

    Three Fundamental Learning Theories

    Active Learning Strategies for Engaging Students

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Course Leaders

  • Amber Schoer (US)

    Amber Schoer is an expert with more than ten years of experience in designing and delivering instruction both within corporate and academic settings. She has a Master of Education (M.Ed.) in Teacher Leadership with an emphasis on Advanced Instruction. Amber is skilled in K-12 Education and Adult Learning, Curriculum Development, Educational Technology, and Leadership.

  • Isaac Tabor (NL)

    Isaac Tabor leads the development of a digital learning platform and provides expertise on best practices in learning design and technology. He’s an instructional designer and curriculum developer with a track record of creating effective and engaging learning. Isaac is passionate about leveraging new technologies to empower communities and individuals through accessible, inclusive, and culturally relevant instruction.

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